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Monday, August 4, 2008 

Top 10 Things To Do With An RSS Feed

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is one of the oldest yet underused marketing techniques available to webmasters. Below is a list of the top 10 things to do with an RSS feed

1. Build one. You can't do anything without having an RSS feed. They are simple to build. Go to google and carry out a search for building an rss feed.

2. Add it to your Google, Yahoo and MSN homepages. If you download our free reports as described in our resource box there is a step by step guide to adding RSS feeds to your main site homepages.

3. Include it on any social networking sites that allow you to import RSS feeds such as Ecademy, Myspace, Fast Pitch networking and others.

4. Add links to it on your website and attract users to add it to their feed readers. You can grab RSS icons at www.rssicons.com

5. Ping it! Use a Ping service to promote your feed.

6. Use a widget to allow other sites to add your feed content to their site. Try tools such as widgetbox. Build a separate page on your site to show how other webmasters can syndicate or use your RSS Feed.

7. Use Javascript or php to add it to any other related sites you may have.

8. Submit it to all the RSS directories listed here: http://www.masternewmedia.org/rss/top55/

9. Make sure you have a meaningful keyword loaded RSS title and Description as this is used by the RSS directory and RSS search engines to rank and display content.

10. Add it to your Google Webmaster tools account so you can track what keywords and what positions you are achieving with your feed.

Jason Hulott is owner of Speedie Consulting, a Finance and Insurance Content specialist, They are also Internet Marketing Experts that provide a range of services to the Finance and Insurance industry. To get 5 free reports to help maximise your Internet business please visit the site: http://www.speedieconsulting.co.uk and complete the signup box.

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