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Saturday, August 2, 2008 

9 Strategies For Outstanding RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are believed to improve your ranking in search engines, improve marketing relationships, and can also reinforce your e-mail strategies. However, rss feeds are not entirely effective for everyone. It can only be fitting to those who learn to follow these 9 basic strategies:

1. Permit RSS syndication. You should allow your readers to use your RSS URL for their website. This is one way of delivering news to other peoples webpages.

2. Include dates in your rss feeds. Readers are after fresh & new content. So learn to include their publishing dates to let them know how recent your information is.

3. Create your own hosting feed. You can rely on third parties for feed hosting, but if you want complete control, then you should try to have your own. It will be much easier to redirect your feed to other locations if you arent happy with your third-party service.

4. Dont go against copyright laws. Avoid copying content published in other RSS feeds with no proper credit or authorization.

5. Offer only one feed format. By having too many versions, you only create confusion. Just pick an RSS version that you like and any only offer that feed.

6. Add keywords in your channel descriptions and titles. People who are looking for a specific RSS feed will utilize targeted keywords. You should avoid passing up this important strategy.

7. Improve the appearance of your feeds. Consider adding images to make them more attractive. It may not help in boosting your search engine rankings but it will definitely make your feed much more interesting and appealing.

8. Plan your RSS feed. RSS feeds can be used for numerous reasons. It may be used in other peoples articles, e-zines, or web sites. The number of times you supply them with feeds of your content will require proper planning and organization.

9. Study RSS feeds. Understanding the process and logic of rss feeds require continuous research and comparison. It will give you the edge that you want and the expertise that you need to make RSS feeds truly effective for your marketing endeavors.

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