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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

Samsung F480 Tocco - An Interactive and Feature Rich Phone

The Samsung F480 Tocco is a new introduction among the latest Samsung mobile phones. This mobile is known for its high-end functionalities. The device looks similar to the Samsung Armani phone though there are several extra features too. This mobile being a touch screen phone has so many options which make the handset very user-friendly.

Feature wise the Samsung F480 Tocco is a lovely phone with impressive features such as 5 MP camera, Bluetooth compatibility and 3G HSDPA Mobile Broadband connectivity. The 5 MP camera of the handset is capable of auto-focussing and has LED flash. It enables the users to capture very sharp images. The mobile has touch operated screen and this enables easy access to every functionality of the handset. Cameras, music players, ringer-tones, alarm clock can be easily accessed just with a single touch of the screen. One can easily access internet on the phone. The web browser allows the users to access several websites with ease. Moreover, software such as HSDPA increase the speed of internet accessing. Sending of emails on this phone becomes simple. There is an 'email client' that enables the users to receive emails from their personal account. The user can also send pictures, videos and text mails to any person anywhere in the world. The email accessing is simple for developing a cost effective way of sending and receiving messages.

The memory of the gadget is expandable to 8 GB. This is the reason why people find the handset fascinating to store music files, ringtones, videos and pictures. The latest wallpapers can be stored on this memory. Whenever the user stores the pictures on the screen of the device it makes the phone look very attractive. Moreover, the phone is handy to carry as it has dimensions of 11.6 x 98.4 x 55 mm. The other interesting features of the gadget are the face detection technology and an image stabiliser that make the device very sophisticated.

A ground breaking reality of the Samsung F480 Tocco is that it has a 'smile shot mode' because of which the mobile can detect even the smile of a person and take shot automatically. The other functionalities such as TOUCHWIZ GUI allows the users to have instant access to the mobile functions just by an instant touch. The automative face detection technology is a very innovative technology deployed in the mobile phone.

The handset has other features such as music player and FM radio. These features make it possible for the users to remain entertained on the mobile phone. The listeners of music can enjoy every kind of music as the music player supports the popular file formats. There is also the FM radio that can play music and songs with a radio jockey hosting these programs. Evenings as well as mornings are made delightful with fascinating music and songs. The gadget is connected with Bluetooth option and so any file can easily be transferred with ease to other secondary gadgets. There is also the USB port to directly transfer files to other devices. This mobile works on 3G networks and it is wise to use the handset to access all latest offers of network service providers.

The Samsung F480 is fitted with Li-Ion battery that gives long hours of standby time and talk-time. The user so finds immense scope to use the gadget for long hours. Now, one can easily surf internet for long hours and download files with ease. The latest connectivity options are very well established on the handset.

Alice Erin is an Expert Author. He has written many good quality articles on Samsung mobile phones and Mobile Phone Deals.

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