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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 

Find Out What Is The Best Plasma TV Size For You

One of the first things you must decide upon when shopping for a plasma TV is the size. To get the best out of your plasma TV you have to choose the right size for your environment and watching habits. There are three main factors that will guide you in choosing the right size of plasma TV:

  • The available space you have for the plasma TV
  • The distance between you and the screen
  • The plasma TV resolution

First of all you need to make sure that the space where you will place the plasma TV is not limited, and if it is you should keep that in mind so that you buy a plasma TV that fits there. Make sure you leave enough space around the plasma TV to have good airflow or it will overheat and that will shorten its life.

The distance between you and the plasma TV is very important. If you sit to close you will manage to see the pixels that make up the panel, while if you sit to far away you will miss the benefits of its high resolution and large size. For an optimal experience you should sit at a distance at least two times higher than the screen size (diagonal) and no more than five times its size. That means that for a 42-inch plasma TV your viewing distance should be somewhere between 7 to 17 feet away.

The plasma TV resolution is also important when choosing the size. A higher resolution plasma TV will allow you to sit closer without experiencing a loss in image quality. That means if you will install the plasma TV in a small room and you will be sitting close to it, you should choose a high resolution (1080p) plasma TV. It also means that for most situations and most people a 50-inch Full-HD (1080p) plasma TV is a good choice because you get the benefits of a large display and a great image quality. You should keep in mind however that you should not choose a Full-HD plasma TV just because of this. If most of the time you watch content that is not Full-HD the extra resolution will not give you a better picture than you would get with a lower resolution one.

Choosing the plasma TV size is also a matter of budget. The larger the screen is the more expensive it will be. So don't just buy a large plasma just because it's large. Make sure the other characteristics are what you need too.

I recommend you to go in a store and actually watch with your own eyes several plasma TV models of different sizes from the distance you would watch it at home. Don't just stare at it from one feet away. Get back a few feet like you would normally sit in your own home because it is a difference. See what feels right and what looks better for you. Even if you intend to buy it online, I still recommend doing this test.

At Best Plasma TV we have really useful plasma TV guides to teach you the important things you need to know before buying. Come and with us you will make the right decision.

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