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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 

What Should You Be Paying Attention To When You're Shopping For A Flat Screen Television

Although it may seem brand new the technology behind flat screen TV has been around for a number of years. This technology was once considered to be unobtainable however due to advancements in manufacturing it is now easier to produce and as a result more affordable to everyone.

The modern version is fast becoming a staple in your standard home theater system and is often accompanied by additional high-tech equipment such as surround sound speakers. With additional equipment to add to the viewing experience such as high-end speakers wall mounts and custom built furniture the flat screen TV has become a staple of the home theater system.

The feeling of sitting in a movie theater is replicated pretty accurately in a well built system that features a good set. The largeness of the screen and the superior colors and picture sharpness all contribute to this effect.

The amazing products of technology utilize neon and xenon gasses which produce their eye-popping colors. These gasses are safe and they are captured between two panels of flat glass. They produce over 16 million colors including a perfect black which enhances the cinematic sharpness of the picture.

The longevity of a flat screen TV can be measured in a qualitative mannor based on the number of hours it can run until the sharpness of it's picture degenerates to 50% this is called it's "half life". The standard half life is about 60 000 hours. To ensure maximum enjoyment from your set a warranty can be obtained to take care of minor or major issues.

Even though the screen is much larger than the typical cathode ray set on the market most of your models are approximately four inches deep. The thinness of the device allows a great deal of flexibility in determining where to install it. You even have the option of mounting it on your wall which can change the way you watch TV.

However with all the advantages of this science it is extremely fragile. This should be considered when placing your set in the home. Even small bumps can cause unexpected problems in screen crispness and if a repair is possible it can be quite expensive.

In order to maintain proper screen crispness be very careful when placing it. Another benefit of placing it on the wall is that it is out of reach of children and animals. Wall mounts are available to allow the set to tilt downward and adjust for proper viewing comfort.

As they become more widely available custom built furniture and cabinets have also come on the market. These accessories are available to match the personal style of every plasma owner. Home entertainment cabinets made from classic hardwoods can hold a flat screen TV in addition to other equipment.

Budgeting determinations for your purchase should include the cost of the set itself any needed furniture such as stands and accessories any warranties and the effect on the homes electric bill. You also will be using more power a larger set will use more power but given time we will soon have mass produced units that are more durable more efficient and cheaper for everybody.

Zark Barker runs FlatScreenTVSite.com

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